• Cottages on the day

    Short term rentals of cottages rapidly developing with each passing year – especially the growing demand in the summer months – not all of the capital’s residents can rest all summer in the country, most of the cities selected for a few days or weeks. When short-term lease for a minimum period of time – from one day. In practice, usually rent for the weekend or holidays (two days or more). For a short time rent houses families with children for recreation close to nature, a company of young people for active leisure and commercial firms for corporate parties. It is worth noting short-term rent country cottages for wedding events. Despite the strong demand from residents is extremely insufficient proposals that meet the highest demands. Short-term rent owners of houses that have not been able to find tenants for a long time. The greatest demand for houses is on holidays. Much of the proposals on rent cottages for short term refers to business-class home ownership, located on the most popular provincial directions – Kiev, Minsk, Novorizhskoye, Rublevsky. In these suburban areas are settlements of cottages, with well-developed infrastructure and road network. The greatest demand is for houses in the villages at a distance of fifty kilometers from the Moscow ring road. Standard requirements for cottages – you have all the utilities, sauna and bath, car parking, sleeps at the rate of the number of guests (up to ten people). Additional requirements during the celebrations – banquet hall, a free area for fresh air, spacious parking, a large number of beds, high-quality interior trim and decent furniture. Requests from families who came for summer vacation, a much more modest – a small house and the presence of a number of green areas and natural water body. Rents in the short term rental cottages has a large difference compared with the usual payment for a longer period of time. The minimum amount of 2000 rubles a day or more per person. In practice, the size of the rent depends on the direction and size of the cottage. By number of travelers experts share holiday homes for short-term lease for three groups. The first group includes houses up to 200 square meters with the number of guests to ten people and the cost of rent from 30 000 to 50 000 rubles for a weekend (usually two days). The second group of cottages designed for larger number of guests (10 – 30) to rent 35 000 – 50 000 rubles per day and 60 000 – 75 000 rubles for two days. The third group includes the presence of large houses with its own infrastructure for recreation – a house of several floors, billiard room, dance hall, a room for table tennis, a large sauna and swimming pool. Cost of rent – 65 000 rubles per day on ordinary days and 140 000 on weekends and holidays.